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    aerial photography of high rise building Postmark 2/5/2022 VANCOUVER
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am deeply grateful to be part of such an incredible country


    brown wooden board Postmark 12/8/2021 SUMMERLAND
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, Some things I am grateful for are my pets, my family, my friends. I am thankful & grateful for these things because my pets make me feel comfortable and like I belong, because I get stressed easily and I get worried easily. So, they make me feel calm and happy. I have a dog from the S.P.C.A, he was a rescue, but they think he is a lab, retriever, mastiff mix and his name is Jax. My cat, Bomber (Charlie is his middle name), is a barn cat bread on a big farm (our friends have lots of cats but they just feed them and give them water so they don’t intentionally try to breed them) and he is a tuxedo cat. I also had 5 fish all together, there are tetra, Bubbles and Finn. There are 3 algae eaters who clean the tank for me so I don’t have to clean it so often. The cleaner’s names are Jeffery, JJ and JJJunior. JJJunior died about a month after I got him because he was the runt of the family, so he had heart failure. Bubbles died about 2 weeks ago because I’ve had him for about a year and a bit. So he was just really old. I still have Finn, JJ, and Jeffery. I am Thankful for my family because they support me and I do a lot of fun things with them like waterslides with friends and family, road trips, trips to Disneyland/California, trips to see family living far away, etc... I am so thankful for all these things because of all these reasons. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, ..Unknown Summerland Middle School Student..

    Unknown SMS Student

    dog running on beach during daytime Postmark 12/8/2021 CANADA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Somethings I am grateful for are my pets, my friends, and most importantly my family. I am grateful for these things because they are important to me. My pets are a dog, a cat and a hamster. My favorite thing to do with my pets is to play with them and or pet them. Sincerely, Maya

    Postmark 12/8/2021 SUMMERLAND BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, My favorite quarantine moment was spending time with my mom. She was working from home most of lockdown. I played a lot of video games after I was done school. My mom would work on her computer answering phone calls from the hospital and I would sit on the floor or the table and work on Teams. I did not want to endanger someone else’s grandma/grandpa. I would go on walk around town with my mom and ride my bike around town and go to the skate park. When the schools re-opened my mom would not let me go to school because she did not want me to get Covid-19. So, the lockdown was not that bad for me as I was able to reconnect with my mom. Sincerely, Evan


    green and red trees during daytime Postmark 12/8/2021 SUMMER LAND
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, My favorite isolation moment was when my dad was isolated in his room and I was allowed to cut a hole in the bottom of the door because my grandparents owned the house and I got to slide food under the slot in the door. Sincerely Elijah


    birds flying over the sea during sunset Postmark 12/2/2021 CANADA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Somethings I am grateful for are my pets, my friends and most importantly my family. I am grateful for these things because they are vary important to me. My pets are a dog, a cat and a hamster. My favorite thing to do with my pets it to play with them and or pet them. Sincerely, Maya

    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, 11/29/21 If I think about it, lockdown was fun. My favorite part of lockdown was that it was fun. In lockdown we got to stay at home all day. Also, we had more time with family. We did lots of crafty stuff that I found on pinterest. My mom and I baked stuff together. I really liked lockdown. I think we needed something like this. Sincerely: Maya Summerland, BC


    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAMD
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, Some things I am grateful for are being able to spend a lot of time with my family. I am also grateful for my friends because when I was bored in isolation they were there to make me laugh and I could talk to them and play video games with them. Also, I am grateful for the doctors that are spending all their time trying to help us be safe and end Covid-19. Also being stuck inside and not really being able to go outside, I've gotten opportunities I wouldn't have been able to do in a normal year. If I could say one thing to the future generation is if you find a mask BURN IT. One of my favorite quarantine moments was only having to do one assignment every day for online school. Sincerely, Dalton Summerland, BC


    person holding maple leaf Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, something I am grateful for are all the doctors who try to keep the spread of COVID down while helping lots of hurt people at the same time . I'm also grateful for all of the scientists that are always finding something new about COVID 19 Without the scientists we would not know what we know today. During the pandemic it's been really hard on all of us having to stay home wear masks social distancing and online school . scientists have made it less difficult in this pandemic ,without scientists we would not know what we know today. And without doctors there would be a whole lot more deaths in the world ,it would not be good at all. We would not know what we know today without working together as a community thanks for listening about what I'm grateful for.

    Sincerely August

    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND, B.C.
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    My message for future generations is don’t repeat the mistakes past generations have made. Don’t be racist. Don’t hurt others. Don’t litter or kill the Earth. Just be kind. We shouldn’t have to see protesters. You should let others believe what they want to, not force others to have your opinion. Just do your part and be kind, careful, and wear your mask. I hope that the future generations will never have to deal with anything like this.


    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 CANADA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Something I am grateful for are my computer and internet. Before I got my computer I couldn’t talk to my friends because of covid and having to quarantine and school being closed. When I got my computer, I could talk to my friends through Discord. I even got to meet some new people through Discord. I remember from the start of covid that I didn’t think it would last that long but now two years later and it's still going. While we have a vaccine and things are looking better than they did a while ago and that is nice to know. I'm lucky to have a computer but covid still sucks. Summerland student,

    selective focus photography of man doing wheelie on motocross dirt bike Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, I know this past year has been tough for a lot of us but the good thing is there is now a vaccine so we can do what we did before Covid so that’s good. Some things I’m grateful for are my family and friends and that we all have a sense of safety now that the vaccine is out. I’m also grateful that I can see some of my family that I don’t normally get to see for Christmas this year like my older brother that I haven’t seen in a long time. Hopefully it gets better Sincerely Jaxson Summerland, BC


    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMER LAND
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    This past year I know covid19 has been bad.But we can stop covid19 for good.Alot of Canadians have suffered covid19.they had to take quarantine and stay isolated for 2 weeks or more. that's way we have doctors all around the world giving vaccines to everyone. some doctors don't even take vaccines.so they have to stay home for a long time until they do. When the pandemic is over everyone will have a great time. But we will still have to wear masks to keep everyone safe in the world. In the future i am going to tell my kids what happened all those years ago and how we stopped covid19 and everyone that helped us.


    Postcard default Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, I know that this year has been hard for everyone. but we have to stay strong and do our part and by doing our part that involves everybody. take a moment and thank god for still being here and still having your friends, and members still here with you. but also take a moment and think of all the people who have lost their lives from covid-19 COVID is no joke and that's why its important to keep each other all safe. we will get through this. and this is why we should all be kind to one another and support each other through through these difficult times. Sincerely Kaiya.


    body of water and seashore Postmark 11/30/2021 SUMMERLAND B.C
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, 11/30/21 Everyone has things that they are grateful for, these are some of the things that I’m grateful for: #1- I’m grateful for my family and friends because they are super supportive through tough times and they are amazing all the time. #2- I’m grateful for dance as an after school activity because if I didn’t go to dance classes, I would most likely be super lazy. #3- I’m very grateful for technology because in 2020 we all had to do online school, and if it weren't for technology, we wouldn’t have been able to go to the next grade because we would all be behind on school work. There are still more things that I’m grateful for, but way too many things to count! Sincerely, Anonymous Summerland student Summerland B.C.


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