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    desk globe on table Postmark 6/7/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    I would like to take this time and share with you a new perspective of this pandemic. We all know that it has been a tough year for all of us out there who have lost loved ones, who weren't able to interact with dear friends, who were told to be online for school, and who have not been able to find happiness in times of Covid but allow me to leave you with this one thought, "We are living history!" Soon enough, we'll grow old and be able to tell our grandchildren about how we all survived a global pandemic together. Furthermore, we will be the ones to pass down our experiences from generation to generation. A day will come when this crisis is over so that we can make it known to the world that the pandemic brought good, too, like how technology rapidly developed over such a short period of time or how we all got a better chance to connect with our families during dinner time or even how we began to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth more and more as the months flew by. We will be the faces of history so let's make it a positive history.


    red 5 petaled flower on ground Postmark 6/7/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    during these hard times, we've all suffered at the hands of the pandemic. whether it's having had to stay home, or witnessing first hand, how bad covid-19 really is. Perhaps one of the worst things that have happened during this pandemic would be the discrimination of Asian people. racism has been a huge problem in society for a long time now, and it seems almost impossible to get rid of it. it only seems so because when someone meets a racist person, they don't speak with them, instead, they ignore them. when you get to know someone, it's hard to hate them. if you get to know someone with prejudice toward another race, culture, etc. even they will learn that those people are just like them. we are all a part of the same species, and we are all family. we should be kind and respectful to others. ignoring the problem only makes it worse. but apart from that, i'd say that my personal problem with the pandemic, would be virtual school. I like school, and i miss learning there, but because of the pandemic, we have been unable to do any of that. virtual learning is not only as engaging as in person learning, but it's even harder to understand concepts and subjects. whereas a classroom was built for that specific environment. peace,

    [Name Withheld]

    trees near body of water Postmark 6/7/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    I know this time is tough for everyone; it's difficult to be apart from our loved ones and friends. Yet, if we all do our part to stay apart, get vaccines; our hard-working essential workers will help us end this! So, stay hopeful and positive, spread words of encouragement and we'll get through this together!

    Ana G

    body of water under white cloudy sky Postmark 6/7/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    I know some of us are feeling sad and lonely, however don't let that impact you. Make sure to keep yourself busy, try to learn new things, and spend more time outside.


    Postmark 6/7/2021 TORONTO, ON
    Dear Canadians,
    Welp didn't think I would make it this far, 5 years is along time, if all goes to plan you should be in collage by now ...hopefully. I don't really know what else to say, living through a global pandemic is kind of difficult, but hey! if you got through this you can get through anything, good luck.

    Nicholas kuszpit-ryan

    city skyline under blue sky during night time Postmark 6/7/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    All of us are going through this pandemic, we are sad and lonely, however, don't let that to have an impact you.


    Postmark 6/7/2021 TORONTO
    Dear Canadians,
    I am grateful for the few rare geese that instead of trying to tear my limbs off, act reasonably and just mind their own business.

    Maurizio Garaci

    Postmark 2/27/2021 RIVERVIEW
    Dear Canadians,
    Hello Canadians, Keep staying safe over March break holidays. As much as you want to "break" the rules by not wearing your mask around others, please help all of us by mainting social distancing and wearing that mask in public. Lives depend on it! Have fun with your family during your vacay and stay safe! A fellow Canadian, D.L.

    Derek Lipscombe

    silhouette photography of people gathered together on cliff Postmark 2/25/2021 OTTAWA
    Dear Canadians,
    i hope that one day after all this covid drama we canada can come together as a country and not forget but move on for all the bad things going on in the world i hope that we will all stop grouping ourselves and become one big family in the some time future it mays not happen when im alive but i can only hope

    sam richardson

    Postmark 2/22/2021 FORT ST JOHN
    Dear Canadians,
    So many new words! Covid 19, who knew that overnight our world was rocked and set upside down. There has been the downside of human nature ie: anger, rage, clashing of boundaries which can create a kind of friction that seems un-resolvable. The upside, there is so much! I have never had so many free McDonalds coffees at the drive through. We can smile with our eyebrows and say many other kind things! Mental health is on the agenda for work, home and families in a new and tender way. I have felt and found others to be genuinely open about hope for this Pandemic to end, but finding strength to persevere. Thankful for good people who are willing to sacrifice some personal rights for the good of the greater population.

    Deborah Benterud

    Postcard default Postmark 1/2/2021 CANADA
    Dear Canadians,
    Happy New Year! We will be much better in 2021!!!

    heart shaped pink sparklers photography Postmark 12/31/2020 RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP, QUÉBEC
    Dear Canadians,
    My hope for the future of Canada is that of a world where love always wins.

    Philippe Noël

    trees near body of water Postmark 12/21/2020 EDMONTON, AB
    Dear Canadians,
    Happy holidays to all! It has been a long and challenging year for all of us. I hope that 2021 brings joy, peace, and a return to more normal times.


    blue and white plastic bottle Postmark 12/11/2020 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA
    Dear Canadians,
    I hope that the rollout of the vaccine will be successful in putting an end to this pandemic and will be equitable, allowing all Canadians and people of the world timely access. Thank you to all of the scientists and health professionals who have worked so tirelessly to get us here.

    Beth R

    Postmark 12/8/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Dear Canadians,
    i want to share with you a cool skill i learned and how i started. i started drumming in 2019 in august a few days after my birthday. i had watched my dad play the drums and i had listened to a few songs that seemed easy to play so tried on my dad's electric drum kit and turns out it was super fun. my and my dad started playing music together. he would play the guitar and i would play the drums. we played alot of song and even this last january we went to play on his acoustic drum kit which was on this loft at the place he works. and we have gone every weekend scince then. ive started to play tons of songs now and i feel like after a year and a half of playing i feel like i have gotten really good but still not the best. sincerely, joey.


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