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    brown maple leaf Postmark 10/27/2020 MISSISSAUGA, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am grateful for my health, my family, and my supportive community. Sending good wishes of hope and strength to all Canadians this autumn!

    Owen R

    woman walking on pathway during daytime Postmark 10/22/2020 CALGARY, AB
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am grateful to call this country home and for my family and friends. I hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy as enter the winter months!

    Dawn L

    person wearing gray sock standing on stairs Postmark 10/16/2020 TORONTO, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am so grateful for my family, my teachers, and all frontline workers!

    Zara H

    green trees near body of water during daytime Postmark 10/13/2020 CANADA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Thank you to our frontline workers!

    photo of orange and green squash lot Postmark 10/10/2020 BRAMPTON, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of my fellow Canadians! I hope that everyone is able to celebrate with their family and loved ones, in a safe and socially-distanced manner.

    Margaret H

    tilt shift photography of maple leaves Postmark 10/7/2020 VANCOUVER, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am so grateful for our beautiful seasons - from the colourful leaves of fall and the darling buds of spring to the thick snows of winter and sweltering summer evenings. Let’s work together this winter to prevent a significant second wave!


    Postcard default Postmark 9/30/2020 GATINEAU
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    May we continue to preserve our green spaces and parks, and always recognize that they are a lifeline to health and wellbeing. May we recognize the importance of the arts in the enhancing our mental health as well. COVID 19 has shone a light on the importance of the environment and arts to all Canadians.

    Kathryn Kennedy

    stack of white yellow green and blue textiles Postmark 9/29/2020 TORONTO, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I hope that everyone stays healthy and takes measures to keep everyone safe this fall!

    Alice S

    Postcard default Postmark 9/23/2020 VICTORIA, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Every day I feel grateful that through no effort on my part I happened to be born a Canadian. I am proud of our country but there are many areas where we must do better: income disparity, reconciliation for indigenous Canadians, improve facities on reserves-housing and water I think the pandemic has had some positive outcomes. For us personally we have slowed down, deciding what is important and finding life more fulfilling Penny

    Penny Goldrick

    Postcard default Postmark 9/22/2020 VICTORIA, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Covid has reminded me that we are more resilient than we think. We are living through the pandemic and the only thing we can control is our response. Find compassion for one another, seek to understand one another, look at how we can give to people who are struggling, assume that everyone is struggling. We are so much stronger than we realize. Silken Laumann

    Silken Laumann

    empty concrete road covered surrounded by tall tress with sun rays Postmark 9/16/2020 BURNABY, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I hope that we may soon gather again in person, free of masks and wildfire smoke. I hope that we may together develop innovative solutions to address the many challenges we face, through perseverance, optimism, and inclusivity.

    Lucy X

    Postcard default Postmark 9/13/2020 VICTORIA, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    The most important lesson I've learned over the past six months is that humanity has been through heavy turmoil like this, before. Average people like us learned how to survive and keep going. They carried each other and themselves, developed new strategies and slowly transformed the world for better. Shadows were always uncovered, and the next generation always took the lead to fix it.

    Postmark 9/5/2020 TWEED, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    This little girl from Cape Breton is now almost 70 years old.Life in the 50,s was in some ways idealistic; in other ways,very difficult.I,ve survived many traumas,most of them emotional.I was luck enough to meet and marry a very good man and we raised two respectful and kind sons.I have finally discovered my true self and now am very at peace.I have so much to be grateful for,not the least of which is being born in this beautiful country.Love you Canada,lets not ever loose our reputation as kind and generous people.💖🇨🇦


    Postmark 9/5/2020 LONDON, ON
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    During this challenging time my husband and I celebrated our 55 anniversary and my 75th birthday with our children their spouses and 3 grand children. I set up our shed to be an art studio for myself and 2 1/2 yr old grand daughter Daisy. I tried pencil crayon art but ended up doing watercolors with embellished embroidery! Also spent many a happy time teaching my seventeen yr old grand daughter to embroider. All in all we feel safe here in Canada and we are trying to find laughter whenever we can!! Stay healthy all my fellow Canadians! Betty (London Ontario)

    Betty Davey

    Postmark 9/5/2020 TRAIL, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    It is hard staying distant from family and friends. We were lucky my husband is retired so we had an income. Others are not so blessed. We planted a little extra in our garden and donated to the local food bank, plus neighbors who didn’t have a garden. We got a new dog to fill the void of social distancing and learned how to virtual Zoom meetings to stay in contact. Hopefully people will stay safe and we will get through this. Scary that we have crazy theories that have people treating Covid as a sham, so cases are spiking again and until there is a vaccine we isolate and stay safe. Waiting for the end of this chapter, similar to what our grandparents did a hundred years ago.

    Willa Condy

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