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    Postcard default Postmark 1/2/2021 CANADA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Happy New Year! We will be much better in 2021!!!

    heart shaped pink sparklers photography Postmark 12/31/2020 RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP, QUÉBEC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    My hope for the future of Canada is that of a world where love always wins.

    Philippe Noël

    trees near body of water Postmark 12/21/2020 EDMONTON, AB
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Happy holidays to all! It has been a long and challenging year for all of us. I hope that 2021 brings joy, peace, and a return to more normal times.


    blue and white plastic bottle Postmark 12/11/2020 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I hope that the rollout of the vaccine will be successful in putting an end to this pandemic and will be equitable, allowing all Canadians and people of the world timely access. Thank you to all of the scientists and health professionals who have worked so tirelessly to get us here.

    Beth R

    Postmark 12/8/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    i want to share with you a cool skill i learned and how i started. i started drumming in 2019 in august a few days after my birthday. i had watched my dad play the drums and i had listened to a few songs that seemed easy to play so tried on my dad's electric drum kit and turns out it was super fun. my and my dad started playing music together. he would play the guitar and i would play the drums. we played alot of song and even this last january we went to play on his acoustic drum kit which was on this loft at the place he works. and we have gone every weekend scince then. ive started to play tons of songs now and i feel like after a year and a half of playing i feel like i have gotten really good but still not the best. sincerely, joey.


    pair of black-and-brown ice skates hanging on brown wooden post Postmark 12/6/2020 FREDERICTON, NB
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am grateful for my family, our health, and how we have grown closer over the past ten months.

    Olivia X

    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear my Fellow Canadians, Dear Canadians, my name is Ewan, and this is my best quarantine moment during the pandemic. My best moment in quarantine was kind of relaxing because we didn’t have to go to school so we could just stay home and chill. But the thing I did was better, would wear my really comfy pjs sitting down in my chair with a blanket watching neflix but im actually pretty sure other kids did the same but personally that’s my best moment. And I kind of wish we still were in lockdown because I don’t really like school. And that’s my best quarantine moment bye.

    Ewan Campbell

    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I would like to share with you my favorite quarantine moment. My favorite quarantine moment is going on bike rides will my friend, Liam. We would go all the way from his house to my house. So the one time I went down this hill by Unisus and it has lot of rocks my bike hit a rock and I went over my handlebars and hit my knee on the rock and my knee gushed blood. Even though I hurt my knee it was still a good memory of quarantine. Sincerely Landen Boerboom

    Landen Boerboom

    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    My name is Anthony and I'm going to tell you about my summer. When Covid came, me and my friend Ty would ride our bikes to the beach. When we got there we would swim for about 5-10 minutes then we would bike to Trout Creek. When we got to Trout Creek we would play basketball for about 25-30 minutes then we would bike back to our house and play video games.The best part of my summer was seeing my friends. From Anthony


    white rodent on cage Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I would like to share with you the most amazing Quarantine moment. The most bizarre thing that happened was when I got a hamster. I was looking for a male hamster, so we checked PetSmart and Total Pet, neither had males, so I settled with a female hamster. Hazel is a gray Teddy Bear hamster. She is fluffy and shy. I indeed have had a gerbil before, Peanut, but he died so that is the entire reason I got Hazel. I named Hazel after my favourite squirrel in Animal Crossing. Having a hamster will be a moment I will remember forever. Sincerely, Kate


    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I would like to share what I want the future to bring. I want the future to be beautiful and happy, with people being kind to each other and full of food and clean water. I also want no more pollution in the oceans and waters, and everyone lived happy and satisfied. This is what I am wanting the future to bring . By Jessie


    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I am going to tell you about my favourite quarantine moment. Around the end of July, my cousin came down from Grande Prairie for a week. On the fifth day; me, my cousin Hayden, my auntie Trina, and my mom, went to Kelowna to go to the mall. We left at 1pm and made sure we had extra masks and sanitizer. Once we got there, we split up. Our moms went together, and me and my cousin went together. We started at American Eagle and worked our way around the mall. We mostly just went to clothing stores. We went to some non-clothing stores and found our mommy’s. All four of us had spent all our cash. After we packed everything up in the car, we stopped at a Boston Pizza for supper. We listened to 80’s music on the way home then did a fashion show for the boys. That day was by far the best during quarantine. I did not worry about COVID-19 once.

    Jaylee Kloberdanz

    Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I would like to share my favorite Quarantine moment. For me the most exiting thing that happened during quarantine has to be the time when online school ended, and summer break finally came. Personally, for me it was just so much harder than normal school and I hated it so much. That’s why I was as exited as heck when it ended. Sincerely, Carter


    waves of body of water splashing on sand Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    I would like to tell you a few things I am thankful for. For starters, I want to thank my parents. I am very thankful for my parents because they put food on the table, a roof over my head, and they buy, and clean, my clothes. Next, I want to thank my friends. I want to thank my friends because they are always there for me when I need them, and they support me no matter what. Lastly, I want to thank all the support and health care workers for keeping us safe during this pandemic. I would also like to thank all the scientists for trying to come up with a cure for COVID-19 as soon as they can. I have way more things I am thankful for but I am sure you are getting bored already so I will leave it at my top three things. Stay happy, healthy, and most importantly, stay safe. Sincerely, Kyah De Mitri, Summerland, BC

    Kyah De Mitri

    Postcard default Postmark 12/4/2020 SUMMERLAND, BC
    Cher·e·s Canadien·ne·s,
    Dear Canadians, I would like to share a moment from the COVID-19 Quarantine time, an exciting moment is me having my little brother’s birthday party. He was turning 4, his birthday is November 24 and the one toy he was most excited for was his cement truck that had three sets of two wheels. We called are grandparents on Facetime so they could see him open his presents. He got a cement truck, tool table, car carrier truck and a couple books. He had lots of fun, so did the people there. Even though his birthday was affected by COVID-19 we made the best of it. Sincerely, Dayton Koldyk Summerland British Columbia.

    Dayton Koldyk

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